Hard Disk Drive VS. Human Data Drive

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It’s a very common for everybody of us about Hard Disk Drive. We know hard disk drive is just like storage system in our real world. Every necessary things and documents are preserved here for future or immediate usage reasons. Virtual memory capacity is increasing in a tremendous pace. Initially hard disk drive capacity was as little few Mega Bytes storage facilities but now its capacity is expanding from Tera Byte to infinity. But human brains have unique characteristics that are quite different from hard disk. Though I named our brain as human data drive metaphorically.

Except some biological characteristics human brains have some specialties. We can say for example our memory continuous seeing everything and forgetting those quickly (except some special incidents). On the other hand hard drive reserves all of the things we stored. Basically we can use hard drive for storage as much as you can on the other hand our brain stores thing that seems to be very important to remember.

Some distinguishing features between Hard Disk and Human Brain:

Human Brains Have

 Biological organs for transmitting data from brain to other body organs.

 Huge neuron for capturing all incidents happening within the body.

 Human brain decides the good and bad things in any environment.

 Human brain accepts or rejects upon their discretion.

Hard Disks Have

 Data cables for transmitting data for storing or using for human necessity.

 Huge IC and diagrams for processing and compiling received data.

 Computer hard disk cannot decide what is good or what is bad.

 It is dependent on human brain for assessing the results for acceptance or rejection.

But it is interesting to say that presently our memory is overcrowded with storing important incidents. Now we should divide our brains for allocating memory spaces such as less priority to memorize, medium priority to memorize and most priority to memorize things. But is this possible to segment our brain like hard drives?


Identity Theft- Your finger is enough to protect you

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Among the security world most probably identity theft is the burning issue in recent years. It is increasing in an alarming way. The methods of theft are also changing with a rapid pace.  The fraudsters are changes their style frequently with new new methods.  In a recent posting i have read an article about the data theft that occurred in an ATM booth.  Here the fraudster uses a very simple way that we don’t generally think. They uses CC camera in the booth. If anyone wants to withdraw money from his account they need to give passwords to enter that account. The just take the video’s of the ATM users.  Then they use that passwords and easily got amount from your account.

There are always have a risk of identity theft and there will always some people will track to hack you. But what is the solution with this trap? Technology is always fighting against these types of fraudulent activities.  Now smart cards or ID cards are going to enlist the as obsolete products.  The newest technology which will dominate the security world is the physical characteristics of human body. Yes, I am telling about the biometric technology. Probably this is the only thing that cannot be duplicated.  Biometric technology basically covers all the areas such as fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris recognition etc. In this technology only vein patterns are used   as authentication tools. It does not need to memorize passwords for withdraws money or access to any databank. He/she will only to press their finger into the device and it will automatically authenticate the desired person’s identity.  Here there is no chance of missing password if fraudsters take your videos for tracking your password.  Now it’s the time to see the next generation identity protection through biometric technology.

Please give your signature – I have no Pen but Hand!

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Technology gives us an easy access to anywhere; we belong the right to enter.  Now a day this is a common phenomenon in big conferences or business organizations. In every time company management wants to monitor their employee’s or visitor’s traffic through logging entry or exit information. In past most of the company uses paper and pen based logging system. But that system is too cumbersome and problematic. In this process a lot of things involved such as human resources, pens and papers. In those log entry anybody can give false information about their identity. It is too tough for a guard to remember specific person’s face or name if the regular traffic congestion become thousand or more?

Really we are facing tough situation now a day. Human memory is not sufficient to catch memory every person’s face or voice or whatsoever. Computer gives you the unlimited memory to retain your traffics identity. Even it is surprisingly happened without paper based signature or needed any pen/pencils to do so! Your hand will work like as a pen. No need to use papers. Only biometric devices will give your identity within a second. Your paper based signature may differ in various situations (fear, anger, trembling hand etc.). Biometric system eradicates these types of problems. Your signature will never change. In this case if your signature doesn’t match then we have to believe you are going to see heaven or any organ of your body said good bye from you!

Most of the organizations related to banks, workforce management, education, safety sector, health sector, point of sales, hospitality etc. are using biometric identification systems to verify physiological existence of that person. In the near future biometric system (i.e. fingerprint, finger vein print, palm vein pattern or iris scanning) will dominate security systems in the world.

Biometrics: Your future security – body organs

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A lot of people don’t have any idea about the biometric technology. Actually biometric is related to the human organ or human physical characteristics. The biometric technology is mainly used in various organizations for identity management or workforce issues. Biometrics can be used in terms of fingerprint, finger vein print, palm vein pattern, iris scanning methods.

Now in recent years you might have followed thousands and millions of dollars are stolen through the identity theft problem. Because when your identity become insecure it’s always fear to lose your personal confidential documents (i.e. social security no, bank password etc.). These concerns are now not only in western countries it is happening all over the world.

But technology is not in dormant situation. They are trying to cope with this continuously. As a result they are now suggesting organizations to adopt biometric security solutions software to protect valuable information from theft problem. Many countries are now issuing biometric e-passports to resist countries from criminals and unwanted pirates.

The basic formula of biometric enrollment is to enroll the fingerprint, finger vein or other organ characteristics, so that nobody can do any fraudulent activities. One of the interesting things should added here i.e no bodies finger vein or iris patterns are the same! Every body’s organ characteristics or pattern is unique in the world.

Some world leading software companies such as M2SYS Technology, NEC, Kronos, and Sothern Software have tremendous solutions regarding this technology. These companies use the next generation formulas and arithmetic algorithms , which is appreciable.

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